From Day Skipper to Ocean Yachtmaster. The Crew Aprenticeship Training Scheme. is a cheap and quick way of building miles and experience whilst gaining the RYA shore based qualifications.

We can offer crew training from RYA Day Skipper Theory to RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Theory by correspondence course.
Gain experience and valuable miles required whilst on our deliveries at a very affordable rate.
RYA Day Skipper theory course . This is the pre requisite certificate before any crew can join in our deliveries as crew !
RYA Coastal-Skipper/Yacht-master theory course many miles on deliveries until satisfied and confident to go on and do the practical course with a recognised sailing school (possible future delivery work with our company once commercially endorsed, for the right people).
RYA Ocean Yachtmaster theory + Tom Cunliffe Astro navigation book + practise sextant and use of our sight reduction tables and Astro Almanac and qualifying ocean passage. Put all the theory into practise whilst working as 1st mate (required by RYA) on one of our ocean yacht deliveries plus we will give you Helpful advice on passing the Ocean Yachtmaster Oral exam.
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