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Mercator HR 352 returning to the Uk

we depart Antigua in the next couple of days for the 3500 Nm delivery to Hayling Island after a great season in the Caribbean I will miss the warm seas and beautiful anchorages but new cruising grounds call and improvements to the boat to be made, weather is looking a bit fickle at the moment but with my Iridium go weather data will be downloaded daily next stop Horta Azores hopefully unless the weather has different idea.

Caribbean time

It’s been a while since updating this Blog as I have been enjoying the Caribbean cruising n Mercator and meeting up with lots of friends and past clients .

We have cruised from Antigua to Guadeloupe and Dominica and back to Antigua where Julie had to fly home for a days work ! I then sailed down to St Lucia and picked her up there a couple of days later ! We then sailed straight to Bequia where we met up with Stormbird the HR 62 I used to Skipper she looks as good as the day I left her 12 years ago ! ThevRoyal Yacht Squadron held a rally starting in Bequia we met up again either in Chatham bay union island. It was good to see Hutch again on the Lagoon 450 Fenella that delivered a couple of years back .
We cruised Bequia the Tobago cays, Mayreau And union island before clearing into Carriacou and Grenada where we anchored in Prickly bay and a Julie flew home from Grenada.
We haven’t had too many problems but we realised our dinghy was no good for the Caribbean so we bought a new aluminium rib so we wouldn’t get so wet when going ashore ! Hevwater maker has been apart so I could grease the seals and the wind gen blades worked loose so this had to be fixed too .
I have now sailed from Grenada and I’m in Martinique getting some work done on the boat Julie is out at the end of the month for a week and I am picking her up in Antigua again meantime I’m just enjoying the sun and working on the boat .

Atlantic Yacht Deliveries in the Caribbean

We are now based in the Caribbean until the summer so take advantage of our presence here and meet up to discuss your plans,we deliver to UK , Europe and United States as well as Panama and any where in the Pacific.

Save me having to wait in a queue to board a plane and save yourself money on not having to pay for a flight for me out to the Caribbean.
Keep your eye open for me sailing around on Mercator our HR 352

Mercator arrives in the Caribbean

After delivering the new Lagoon 42 “Moondance” to Martinique I quickly returned home and then on to Gibraltar to bring our own boat Mercator a Hallberg Rassy 352 out to the Caribbean we had a lively ride down to Lanzarote from Gibraltar and on the 18th of December I slipped berth from Rubicon marina solo and managed to do the crossing in 22 days , on Christmas Eve I found the French pairs entry in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Rowing challenge on Sogorno Atlantico we had a little chat on the vhf where I was able to confirm that their AIS was working as they said their GPS was not working, they did say it was nice to see something other than ocean , it is over a month since that chat and they are still rowing I wish them well !

New Jeanneau 319 / Lagoon 42

We are about to depart on the delivery of a new Jeanneau 319 from the Hamble to Lanzarote although it looks like the weather will hold us up until next weekend due to an ex hurricane about to batter us. 
The Jeanneau 319 was sold by Sea ventures Swanwick and measures just on 10 mtrs long ideal for the owner as it enables him a cheaper berth. 
After this we will be dropping back onto the Lagoon 42 “Moondance”we delivered this new from the yard in Les Sables d Olonne and the boat is in Vigo awaiting our return to move her to the Caribbean in November.

Busy week in July

we had a busty week the end of July moving a Dufour 365 from swan wick on the Hamble to Plymouth followed by a Beneteau sense 50 from Poole to Dartmouth from where we drove to Heathrow for a flight to Hamburg to bring a swift Trawler 34 back from Kiel through the Kiel canal to the royal southern yacht club on the Hamble.

my next delivery is a Lagoon 42 from Les Sables D Olonne to Gibraltar at the end of August.

Great night out in Cartagena

About twenty of us met up last night at eight in the evening and headed into town for Tapas , wine and beer a late night back to the boat but many new friends were made that’s the beauty of this cruising life.

I woke early this morning for my morning exercise walking up the hill to the castle overlooking the town back down the other side to pick up my bread then back up to the castle and back to the boat makes the heart pump! Thursday 1st February 2018 turned out bright sunny and very warm good walk around town looking for a new mixer tap unsuccessfully! But we found the military hardware museum full of guns and tanks which was very good and then we found some nice gardens where the Roman temple used to be and sat in the sun at the bar drinking G&T with a great view over the town and throwing a stone for a Spanish water dog just bliss. Back to the boat for siesta !

First Job of the Year Lagoon 380

Mid April our season begins with the Delivery of a Lagoon 380 from Gibraltar to Corfu we have delivered this boat before back from the Caribbean to the uk, we love our returning customers they are our best advert and we look forward to many years staying in touch, it’s amazing to see all the boats I have delivered in so many different ports all over the place and we enjoy meeting up again and exchanging news and stories of our travels as well as just talking boats sails-and equipment our Passion ! Quotes are starting to pour in now so it’s all looking like another busy year .

The new year

Well we have been having a well earned break after the Christmas and new year festivities I was due to fly to Sydney on Boxing Day but flu brought me down and I stayed in Bed ! However in January we flew down to our own boat Mercator in Vila Real on the Algarve and we left to cruise to Torrevieja to have a quote for a new engine Mercators ageing Volvo 2003T after 5000 hours service was in need of being retired.

We stopped in Cádiz and had a great couple of days exploring the narrow streets and towers, beaches and gardens as well as a couple of Tapas bars in which we spent a very wet afternoon sipping some excellent wine, we then moved Mercator to La Linea near Gibraltar before heading east on westerly winds to Torrevieja for our quote which came in surprisingly well so we did the deal and await the arrival of the new engine, in the meantime we decided to head to Cartagena for the next ten days as the weather became a bit unsettled, we had had glorious sunshine and calm weather and enjoyed some great sunbathing, in January !
We made some new friends in Cartagena Karen and Julian on Tatsu another HR 352 the same as Mercator and doing the same route to the Caribbean later in the Year and we met up with Brendan on his Lagoon 42 Crean which I had delivered to Southampton boatshow a couple of years ago, Brendan is taking on the Blue water Rally later this year so we will be meeting them again too.

New Lagoon 560 delivered from the yard in Bordeaux

The new Lagoon 560 "coats SeaCat " was delivered to the Hamble from the CNB yard in Bordeaux. The delivery took 60 hours to cover the 500 plus Miles arriving in the Hamble Sunday Morning at 01.30 to a spectacular display put on by the perseid meteors just amazing we also arrived with a whole bunch of boats returning from Plymouth after the Fastnet race

The Lagoon 560 will be on show at Southampton for Ancasta International boat sales, after which we will be delivering her to the Canaries and then we will take the owner to the Cayman Islands a nice way to end the year .

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